Optical fabrication standards
Aperture: 3×3 mm to 12×12 mm, Length: 1 to 30 mm.
Aperture tolerance: +0.01 mm/-0.05 mm, Length tolerance: +0.5 mm/-0.2 mm
Scratch/dig: <10/5,  Surface roughness: rms<0.3nm
Orientation (θ,ϕ): +/- 20 arcmin
Flatness: 0.1-0.125 wave at 633 nm
Parallelism: <60 arcsec,   Perpendicularity:<10arcmin

AR Coating
Technology: Dual  IBS
Damage threshold: up to 150J/cm2@1064nm, 5ns, 1Hz
Reflectance: 0.1-0.2% typical
Electric field optimized design:  yes